Job Title 

Multimedia Programmer (freelance)


Postproduction Director

Last update

February 2019



Ensures the integration, smooth operation and optimization of various media necessary for the creation of personalized videos.


·         Creates Linux / Bash scripts for data analysis and reorganization.

·         Participates in the integration, viewing and testing of different customizable videos.

·         Develops visual effects and audio-video transitions within the C / C ++ integration tool.

·         Participates in updating and improving the integration tool.

·         Optimizes projects to reduce rendering time.

·         Establishes processing procedures and standards for the quality of audio-video files.

·         Identifies the additional tools needed, researches and develops solutions and automations.

·         Ensures a technological watch relating to its sector of activity; keeps abreast of trends and news.

·         Submits any record requiring special attention to his immediate superior; perform any other task, at the request of the latter or necessitated by his duties.



Education and experience

·         College diploma in relevant field

·         Minimum of 5 to 7 years of similar experience

Skills and qualities

·         Good knowledge of Linux and the command line

·         Advanced Bash Script

·         C / C ++ coding

·         Advanced knowledge of ffmpeg, H.264 and video container / codec

·         Good knowledge of the audio format and tools for manipulating command line audio

·         Knowledge of Inkscape, Blender and Adobe Premiere

·         Integration experience and VFX

·         Sense of organization

·         Teamwork and excellent communication skills in French and English